Blockchain Consulting Services

At Altoros, we help to empower your business processes by implementing production-grade blockchain-based solutions tailored to your industry-specific case. We provide business and technical consulting services on every step of B2B blockchain adoption.

Extensive consulting services we offer

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Determine suitability

Together we'll evaluate possible investments, the technology implementation outcomes, and associated risks. Further, we set the budget and timelines needed for the development of a custom enterprise blockchain solution.

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Industry insights

With 3+ years of a proven track record of working on top of blockchain with Forbes 500 business reps, we offer valuable insights into building enterprise-grade solutions and creating new revenue streams.

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Tech stack advice

By utilizing our product delivery experience, we can recommend a combination of a blockchain framework, IT infrastructure, business-specific functions, and technology stack that fits best your current needs.

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Poc creation

From ideation to deployment, we focus on your objectives and develop a quick prototype to validate the feasibility of a blockchain-based solution applied within your business operations.

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Product delivery

Our blockchain development engineers design and transit a production-grade solution, combining blockchain expertise with other enterprise-grade technologies: AI/ML, K8s, NoSQL, cloud-native apps.

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Corporate training

Experts at Altoros provide custom blockchain training to transfer the knowledge and tools base accumulated over three years, helping organizations to develop and maintain blockchain networks in-house.

We already got the answer you need

Get in touch with our seasoned solution architects and SMEs, have a short introductory session in your location or remotely, see if the technology can be applied within your organization

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blockchain consulting services

Get in touch with our seasoned solution architects and SMEs, have a short introductory session in your location or remotely, see if the technology can be applied within your organization

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Industries we serve

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Supply Chain
s service finance
s service insurance
s service telecomunication
s service healthcare
s service manufacturing

Blockchain-based platforms designed by Altoros

Supply chain

  • International freight forwarding: goods supply tracking and transportation
  • Wholesale distribution: supply distribution tracking and reimbursements
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Finance and banking

  • Tracking of goods moving chains within the EU—to prove VAT deductions
  • Securities transfer: implementation of the functionality of the depository institution
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) market: inter-bank P2P trading platform
  • Digital assets tracking platform
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  • Tracking the provision of medical devices and drugs
  • Counterfeit drugs detection
  • The “Reinsurance” application
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  • Food supply: tracking food provenance and ensuring the safe provision of ingredients
  • Consumer electronics: tracing electronics supply
  • Fashion: clothing provenance tracking
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  • Manufacturing: tracking the shipment of complex parts for jet engines, trains, and medical devices
  • Automotive: spare parts supply tracking and supplier evaluation information
  • Mining: diamonds and metals tracking
  • Chemical components tracking
  • Chemicals and fuels supply: chemical routing and delivery
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Gregory Skerry

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