Blockchain-based solutions
for the insurance industry

Unlock the power of blockchain for insurance and transform your key
processes by delivering operational efficiency, security, and transparency.

Let’s reimagine the insurance business together!

What blockchain for insurance brings about?

Reduced fraud
Reduced fraud

Verify KYC data, check policy and claim authenticity, and access immutable records

Claims processing
Claims processing

Get access to up-to-date information to boost the claims submission process

Transparency and trust
Transparency and trust

Eliminate human input to increase data security

Lower costs
Lower costs

Reduce the role of mediators, cut administrative expenses, and simplify transactions

Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage

Guarantee scalable operations and successful international partnership

Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction

Engage with customers properly through the compliant supply chain and IoT systems

of insurers expect to implement blockchain within 2 years
of insurance leaders believe that blockchain shapes business relations effectively

Have a blockchain project in mind?
You submit an idea — we come up with
a custom solution.

Blockchain-based solution
for an insurance company

Marketplace for a reinsurance consortium

The core functionality implemented in the platform:

  • creating an asset—the insurance contracts for various industries and associated risks
  • trading this asset (P2P rights transfer) within the defined group of insurers—reinsurance deals
  • automated processing of claims
  • basic back-office function
  • reporting forms: premiums collected/paid, amounts receivable/payable, etc.
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Blockchain is a good fit for the insurance sectors

healthcare green
indemnity green
automotive green

How Altoros implement blockchain for insurance

Business case clarification
Business case clarification
Our blockchain experts explore your business landscape, providing a feasible solution powered by the distributed ledger technology (DLT) to refine your business processes.
Development and deployment
Development and deployment
We can develop and help to deploy a fully-operational DLT-based product with well-defined functionality tested by real users in a real business environment.
Support and scaling
Support and scaling
The team at Altoros is always on guard to continuously improve the developed solution based on the newly-obtained data from the results evaluated against KPIs.
As a certified Hyperledger training partner, Altoros delivers hands-on blockchain training programs for your team to transfer knowledge needed for building a well-designed technical architecture in-house.

Why choose Altoros as a blockchain services provider

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Let’s consider how to drive your desired business outcomes and transform the insurance market with the blockchain technology.

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Gregory Skerry

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