Corporate Blockchain Training: Distributed Ledger Technology for Business


Attend this intensive one-day training or join it online from any location before you make a decision to build a proof of concept or an MVP for your corporate blockchain. You will learn the essentials of public and private blockchains, see how to design architecture and deploy a private blockchain network. You will also get familiar with Smart contracts applied in popular use cases and various business functions.

Why enroll

  • Get under-the-hood of the Hyperledger Fabric architecture
  • Discover the consensus mechanism for the data stored in a distributed ledger
  • Explore functions of the blockchain components and network participants, as well as their interaction
  • Gain understanding of information flow (transaction processing) on blockchain
  • Study ins and outs of smart contracts and how they work on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Learn about Hyperledger Fabric solutions built for real business functions

Who should attend

Technical and business executives:

  • Willing to learn the essentials of public and private blockchains
  • Making decisions on applying private blockchain solutions for business needs
  • Exploring how to design an architecture and to deploy a private blockchain network

Training program

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  • Introduction to the blockchain technology
  • Public and private permissioned blockchains
WORKSHOP (lecture)
  • An overview of the Hyperledger Project and its frameworks for business: Indy, Iroha, and Sawtooth.
  • The architecture of Hyperledger Fabric. The network participants, components, transaction processing, and smart contracts functioning.
  • Real use cases overview: Banking, finance, investments, syndicated loan, insurance, supply chain, pharmaceuticals, and shared services.
  • Developed by Altoros: “A corporate bond issuing and trading platform”, “Supply Chain and Trade Finance”, “(Re)insurance platform”
How to start a corporate blockchain project. Practical advice.
  • Prototyping the distributed ledger(s) for each channel.
  • Defining the sources of all types of data.
  • Drawing the diagrams of all business processes: the Actors, and how they are supposed to interact with the ledger(s).
  • Describing algorithms of the smart contracts (the chaincode).
WORKSHOP (practice)
  • Use Hyperledger Composer to create the first blockchain application for your business case.
  • Hands-on practice with a demo networks (PoCs): “Supply chain for Automotive industry” and “OTC trading platform.” Participants play the roles of the network nodes: create assets, process transactions, and generate reports.
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Altoros recommends that all students have:

  • Basic understanding of blockchain is nice to have, but not required
  • Laptop with Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.x
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Our customers

I would recommend Altoros for future blockchain training. The training program, content, the delivery and interaction with the trainers were good. I got a better understanding of blockchain and Hyperledger.
My overall training experience was excellent. The online format worked well, I don't think it prohibited us much. The main value of the course was getting the team skilled up, and answers to some niggling questions I had. Overall, I thought it was a very good and informative session.
My experience with Altoros Hyperledger training is excellent. I liked the training program, the content, and the delivery format. I wanted to understand blockchain, and I increased my knowledge.
My overall experience was good, and the topic was well delivered. The main value of the course for me was understanding the different aspects of Hyperledger Fabric and its capabilities.

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